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Closed System 


  • Analysis

  • Flushing

  • Dosing

  • pH Buffers

  • Inhibitors

  • Cleaning Compounds

  • Biocides for Chilled and Heating Circuits

  • Aluminium Boiler Inhibitors

Disinfection and Cleaning Services

  • Domestic water Services to L8

  • Pre-commission Disinfection

  • Water Regulation Upgrade Kits

  • Pipework Modifications

  • Calorifier Descaling

  • Water Tank internal Cleaning

  • Power Flushing heating systems

Tank refurbishment


• Water Regulation Works

• Vents and Screens

• Tank Insulation

• Specialist WRC Approved Coating

• Tank Lids Supply and Installation


Water Softeners


  • Servicing Base Exchange Water Softeners

  • Water analysis

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