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Water Hygiene



System Management Consultants are experts in the field of testing and the management of legionella and all aspects of water hygiene. With dedicated and experienced staff we will always endeavour to offer a first class service from start to completion. We aim to work with our clients as opposed to working for them by establishing the best possible service, with our clients requirements and budgets in mind. We take pride in our excellent standards of service and support service throughout.


Legionella Control - Risk Assessments

Our trained assessors are able to provide comprehensive reports which include assessment of system design, usage and condition factors that affect the risk of legionella proliferation. Reports are inclusive of:
  • Executive summary of action required.

  • Detailed description of inspected systems.

  • Marked up schematics.

  • Detailed recommended Control Scheme.

  • Recommended inspection frequencies.

  • Temperature monitoring and water sampling results.

Domestic hot and cold water monitoring


Due to the significant risk of legionella outbreaks in hot and cold water systems, ACoP L8 has outlined clear guidelines on how best to manage the risks involved in this type of system. The key method of controlling the growth of legionella bacteria within hot and cold water systems is temperature control. Legionella bacteria require a temperature between 20oC and 45oC to grow. Temperatures above or below this range will either kill the bacteria or stop it from multiplying, eliminating the risk to humans as large amounts of the bacteria are required to cause Legionnaires’ disease. Therefore the ACoP L8 outlines that cold water temperatures are below 20oC from cold water outlets and that hot water temperatures be above 50oC from hot water outlets in hot and cold water systems.

SMC Ltd can offer:

  • Weekly flushing of infrequently used outlets.

  • Monthly Domestic hot and cold water temperature monitoring and recommendation/s.

  • Quarterly dismantle, clean, de-scale and disinfection of showerheads and hoses.

  • Six-Monthly Tasks, such as Cold water tank temperature monitoring including ballvalve temperatures.

  • Annual inspection of plant and equipment associated to the domestic water distribution systems.

Water Hygiene Analysis/Sampling


We are able to offer at competitive rates full microbiological and chemical analysis of all domestic and industrial water services.

Our sampling protocol conforms to both BSI and industrial set guidelines. The range of analysis includes for:


  • Total Viable Colony Count (TVC)

  • Estrerichia Coli (E-Coli)

  • Total Coliforms

  • Legionella, inclusive of serogrouping

  • Pseudomonas

Chemical Analysis

  • Conformance of water authorities

  • Water Quality Regulations

  • pH

  • Conductivity

  • Lead, Iron,Copper

  • Turbidity


Analysis is performed by an independent nominated NAMAS/UKAS accredited laboratory. Acting under our high quality program of achievement of results.

All results are interpreted for ease of explanation of findings.

Further specific analysis upon request

Remedial Works


Tank cleaning and disinfection works

Chlorination and system dosing

Pipework alterations and removal of dead legs

Acid Cleaning/Descaling

Cold water storage tank replacement/refurbishments

Web-based log book system


This system offers total peace of mind in that it allows the capture, storage and updating of any data obtained in the field. The system is completely paperless, traceable and will prompt the user in the event of any required tasks with the legionella control system.

Your enquiry is important to us, so please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.


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