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Risk Assessment

The ACOP sets out a requirement under the Health and Safety at Work act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 (COSHH) Act for the management and control of microorganisms such as Legionnellosis.

The ACOP provides the guidance through which prosecution may be made under the relevant legislative acts. Whilst failure to comply to any part of the ACOP is not in itself an offence, that failure may be used in a court of law in contravention to HSWA 1974, COSHH 2002 and MHSWA 1999.

The ACOP applies to any work undertaken and to premises used in connection with a trade. All water systems should be considered with the potential for both growth and water dissemination to the atmosphere of the Legionella Bacteria assessed.

The responsibility for management and maintenance of a system should be defined with clear lines of communication and reporting imposed.

A written scheme of control or prevention techniques should be applied to minimise risk areas.

Records are required to be kept on site at all times for a minimum of five years.

The key element from the ACOP is for the provision for a Risk assessment to be performed to all water services contained within the premises.


The objective of a risk Assessment is to ensure compliance with the Approved Code of Practice. As part of which the following shall be performed:-

  • Identify and assess source of risk

  • Prepare a written scheme for preventing, minimising and controlling the risk.


Once completed, the risk assessment requires regular reviewing and in any case where there is reason to believe that the original assessment may no longer be valid.

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