Power Flushing

What is Power Flushing?


Power Flushing is a process by which heating systems are flushed with a temporary pump that will circulate your heating system at high velocity, but at low pressure. This process will effectively remove sediment, sludge and corrosion deposits that may be blocking the inner functions of your heating system and can dramatically improve the efficiency of your heating system.


The objective of a Power Flush is to restore systems with the following issues:


  • Noisy pipe work

  • Radiators that suffer from cool spots

  • Systems that take too long to get hot

  • Systems that suffer from bad odour whilst bleeding

  • To protect new installation of boiler

  • In some cases to activate the warrenty on new boilers

  • Discoloured water within the heating system

  • Frequent pump failures

  • Warm water within the feed and expansion tanks in the loft


Expected results of a power flush:


•  Increased efficiency to central heating system and hot water system

•  Lower fuel bills (up to 35% in some cases)

•  Radiators heat output restored


And you will receive a completion of works certificate to validate boiler warrenty.



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